Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Kiss on my list

I was at work in the bosses office and they were telling me about how much work was coming in. Each job was written on a sticky label. I was not impressed by the amount of jobs I was going to have. 

Outside of the office in the main open plan office I could see Ryan at a desk in the corner, it was dark and he had his head bent down over his work. The boss commented on how hard working he was. He then told me to fetch more sticky labels before we ran out. 

I walked over to where Ryan was and flicked on the light above his desk. This caused Ryan to be disturbed from his sleep and he looked up with sleepy eyes. I asked him for some label, he handed me a stack of them and went back to sleep. 

As I looked at the labels in my hand I could hear music. It was, 'Kiss on my list', the 1980 hit from Hall and Oates. I then thought that no labels meant no work. I smiled a evil smile and threw the labels out of the window. 

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