Sunday, 20 April 2014

Japanesse President

I began by boarding a bus along with the daughter of my friend Matt. I paid the fare, took my ticket and started to walk to the back of the bus as it moved off. 

I glanced back into the street to see that my 4 year old companion was still standing at the bus stop. I calmly asked the driver to stop and stepped off the bus. 

Upon seeing me, my friends daughters eyes lit up and became twice their normal size. She ran and hugged me and we got back on the bus to a round of applause    from the other passengers. 

Next I was watching as president Obama was in a Japanesse style house. The walls were paper deviding the rooms. A man walked in and the president picked up a huge sword and began waving it above his head. 

He then ran through the house leaping into the paper walls in dramatic fashion. The man calmly followed behind him. 
Trapped in a corner, the president again waved the sword around. 

The man pulled out a pistol from his pocket and shot the president in the stomach. Obama looked down in shock and dropped to the floor. 

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