Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hanging around

A slightly macabre and brief dream from my sleep after a night shiftz.
I was standing next to a man I didn't know, looking at a long wooden work surface that was at my eye level. In the centre of it was a slit about an inch wide that divided the panel. 

Sticking out of the edge of this slit was a metal rod with a hook on the end of it. Both the unknown man and myself had a rope noose around our necks. The man was looking nervous and I was comforting him' saying' "It will be fine, watch me". 

I then proceeded to attach the loose end of my rope over the hook on the metal rod. As I did this the rod started to move away from me along the slit in the work surface. Pulling the attached rope with it, the noose around my neck tightened and pulled me along. 

I looked back at the male and said, "See, easy". The rope became ever tighter and I started to lose consciousness. I knew I was dying, I shut my eyes and was left with nothing. Just a black empty nothing, no feelings or sound. Just blackness. 

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