Sunday, 13 April 2014

Flip flops and cannabis

I was with Kyle from work and we were in an unknown street. Kyle had thrown a cricket ball which had hit an old Asian lady on the head. 
Kyle attempted to run after the lady to apologise, but as he was wearing flip flops, he kept falling over. 

The woman ran into a house and into her back garden. We climbed her fence to get into her garden but as we got on top of the fence, we appeared to be on top of a large fish tank. Kyle, again due to his poor choice of footwear, fell in. 

I was next in a dark alley in London, I was with a group of people I didn't know. I was throwing a tennis ball up against the wall and everyone was taking turns in catching it. 

My dad entered the alley and started passing a large cigarette around. Judging by the reaction of everyone that smoked it, it was a cannabis joint. 

I told my dad we needed to leave and he said he was teaching someone to drive and they could give us a ride. Several stoned people piled into a car with a big L shaped cone on the roof. 

An extremely nervous female learner driver then proceeded to crash into lamposts and run up curbs as her passengers shouted and giggled loudly. 

Just as the female smashed into a shop, Ryan from work walked up to the car. He popped his head in the window and told us there was a party at his house. We all left the female crying in the car. 

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