Monday, 7 April 2014

Dad dancing

The first part of my dream involved me at work with my good friend Martin. We were in the street surrounded by people and vehicles. 

Someone had music playing from their car stereo and I just couldn't contain myself as I started to dance. I got so carried away that I jumped onto a cars roof and carried on with my best Dad dancing. 

I leaped from car to car, strutting my stuff to the music. I looked down at Martin, he stood glaring at me, arms folded. Not impressed. 

Lastly I was at home attempting to install a wireless internet system. My wife was on the computer and I told her I'd need to switch everything off for a short time. 

She sat waiting during the wi fi interruption and a parcel appeared on the desk in front of her. She opened it and just said, "It's a valentines gift from my ex husband, it really is time he moved on". 

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