Saturday, 12 April 2014

Celebrity rabbit hutch

My entire dream took place in my mums back garden. Where I appeared to be sleeping rough dressed as a tramp. My bed of choice was a rabbit hutch. 

As you can imagine, it was a little on the cosy side and when I needed the toilet I stood up and walked the hutch into the house to use the bathroom as I couldn't get out. 

After carefully negotiating the hutch through the kitchen I reached the bathroom door. I kicked open the door and found Petr from work sat totally naked on the toilet! 

I swore at Petr for being on the pan when I needed to go and went back into the garden. As I got there, limos were pulling up to arrive at a party. 

Cameras flashed to catch the entire cast from the TV series, Lost, followed by actor Ray Winstone. He was followed by veteran broadcaster, David Attenborough in a crumpled white suit. 

David approached me, put his hand through the rabbit hutch and shook my hand. He asked me where the toilet was and I told him about Petr being in there. David just said, "For F**k sake, he doesn't even live here!"

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