Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cannonball run 2014

I began by being in a church, polishing a cabinet whilst playing rock music very loudly. 
I woman entered the church and put some change into the collection box. She tutted at me and left. 

Next I was at a dog show with my wife and our dog Humbug. We met Jen, one of our neighbours and both her and my wife were excitedly discussing the smart entry system on their cars. 

As we waited to enter our boy, a posh looking woman lifted a cover off from her prize winning poodle. 
The poodle was in prestine condition and it's fur was cut like a topiary hedge. We decided to leave. 

Lastly I was film legend, Bert Reynolds and I was trying to find a female partner to join me in a Cannonball car race. 
I went to see Cybil Shepard but she hid in a chest freezer to avoid me. 

I found Lorriane from work in the street, she was oddly just in jeans and a bra. I convinced her to go on the race with me. She reluctantly agreed and was very upset when I told her we were using her car. 

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