Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Boxing champion

The initial part of my dream involved me watching a large bowl of sweetcorn. It wasn't on the cob, but loose. As I observed the container of little yellow goodness, it started to flicker and crack just like popping corn. 
Eventually, the bowl totally exploded into thousands of peices. 

I'd next been in the office of a former employer called Mike. He handed me a championship boxing belt and told me it belonged to former World boxing number one, Janice, my neighbour. 

I took the belt wondering how the very unassuming small lady from next door had become a boxing champion. I knocked on her front door but I could hear her hair dryer, so I hung the belt on her door knob and left. 

As I was leaving I saw my wife knitting. She had a very angry frustrated look on her face as she was unable to knit. I tried to tell her about Janice and her boxing belt but she was too engrossed in her task. 


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