Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Water colour seaweed

I was in the delightful Lincolnshire town of Stamford with my wife. It was a nice sunny afternoon. As we strolled my wife said that she was going home and I'd have to make my own way back. 

I watched her walk out of my sight and I started to shout after her, "Don't leave me behind, I don't know the way". 

I actually woke at this point and had a go at my wife who was still awake beside me. She was very confused at my ranting. 

I was next walking towards a queue of people, as I approached the end of the line, a woman ran and pushed me out of the way and joined the end of the queue. 

I asked if she was with the man ahead of her in the queue, she said she wasn't and so I pushed her and took my place ahead of her. There then started a game of push and shove between us. 

This went on until I got the the front and was handed a picture to colour in and some crayons. 
I sat at a desk and started colouring, the picture was of an under water scene. 

As I coloured, a man sat at my table with a plate of fish and chips. I looked back at my picture and it had all turned into seaweed. 

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