Monday, 31 March 2014

Steak fight

I was in my garden, enjoying the sunshine when my dog ran past me at hight speed. In front of him was one of our cats called Merlin. 

Merlin never exerts himself, so to see him out running the dog, was amusing. My wife rightly pointed out that Merlin never leaves the house. After a few circuits of the lawn, he ran back into the house. 

Next I was at work and stepped into the area where supervisor Neil works. I wanted to see him as he retires soon. 
When I walked in, there was a mass fight going on. 

In the middle of it all, a man was carving meat from a huge steak about the size of a small car. Also in the centre of this chaos was Neil calmly wandering around. 

Neil approached me and seemed oblivious to the charnage around him. He just said to me, "Alright man, how's it going?"  

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