Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Samuel L Jackson V Ted Rogers

My dreaming began with me watching one of my supervisors, Neil entertaining a small boy. We were all at work, Neil was at his usual desk. 

The boy had been given some paper and a pencil to keep him amused whilst Neil was slowly and carefully drawing something at his desk. 

The boy after looking at Neil's attempts at drawing for some time, looked at him and said, "Are you Samual L Jackson?" Neil just laughed and carried on drawing. 

Next I was watching a TV game shows with my wife but we were in the studio. There was a large square floored area that contained a giant monopoly board painted out on it. 

There were children contestants and the host was former 321 presenter, Ted Rogers. He was excitedly overseeing the game and encouraging the children. 

When I looked directly at Teds face, he was still talking excitedly but his face was totally expressionless. Just his mouth moved. I looked over at my wife to tell her this but she was asleep in the bed next to me. 

One of those weird moments was occurring, where I'm dreaming but can see the room around me. Ted was playing giant Monopoly in my bedroom! 

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