Sunday, 2 March 2014

Russian mafia connections

Starting off at my Nan's old house, I was sleeping in the spare room, it used to be called the box room. Probably because you couldn't fit much more that that in there. 

I got up in the night and checked the other bedrooms to find them empty. I wandered downstairs and found four naked men asleep on the living room floor.   

I was next walking around the corridors of my old school in Essex. There were lots of adult men dressed in black roll necked jumpers and leather jackets. 

As I walked past them, they all shock my hand and greated me in Russain. 
Then Spooner from work was walking along side of me. He told me that everyone was part of the Russian mafia and I had been accepted as one of them. 

When I looked at my clothing, I too was dressed in a leather jacket and roll necked jumper. 

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