Saturday, 8 March 2014

Public safety announcement

I had entered a top floor flat of work colleagues, Zip and Scott, who have just got married. Congrats guys. 
Zip showed me into the living room which had a balcony overlooking fields below. 

Scott was outside trying to adjust the tv aerial. We watched as he swung onto the  aerial like he was pole dancing and held his body out horizontally over the edge. 

Suddenly from behind the sofa, appeared work supervisor, Goldie. He shouted out, "Stop that, it's against health and safety rules!" 

I left the flat and when I reached the ground floor I was in a garage and my car was there. The mechanic asked me to reverse it into a bay. 
As I backed in I knocked over a gas cylinder. 

From behind a stack of tyres jumped out Goldie again. He wagged his finger at me and shouted, "Health and safety!"

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