Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mushrooms and cream

I began my dreaming by entering a shop and saw some sweets with 1955 on the wrappers. The woman in the shop asked if I ever thought about time travel. I said amazingly I had just been doing that before I entered her shop. 

I said I'd go back in time and invest money in a bank and claim it when I got to the present, hoping it had made a lot of interest. 

Next I was with my wife looking for a new pair of trainers. I couldn't concentrate because I desperately needed the toilet. I found a cubicle in the street that resembled a smart car. I went inside and started to pee. This is normally my brains signal for me to wake up and pee. Which I did. 

Lastly, again with my wife I was in a back garden. I was eating a banana. On a shelf on the side of the house, sat a giant mushroom. It was about ten feet high. 

I then saw a work colleauge called Lee, he came out of the house to show me his BMW. Lee was dressed in a black leather jacket and a white thong. Nothing else! 

I entered the house and threw my banana skin into the air. It hit the far wall and exploded sending cream all over the walls. My wife entered the room and just handed me a cloth. 

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