Monday, 17 March 2014

Mini bomb

My dreaming was a little fragmented last night. One minute I was in the office at work, talking to Steve. I was showing him my box of extra long matches. He was very impressed. 

The next minute, I was buying a Mini Copper with my wife. But we had to remove our shoes in the car showroom and they only had one cup left for their free coffee. 

We drove out of the showroom with the car, which had the very cool number plate of 'One' on it. It had got dark and we stopped the car as Arnold Schwarzenegger was standing in the road. He popped his head in the drivers window and told us the car was a bomb. 

The last part of my dream just prior to my alarm interrupting me involved me walking outside my in laws house. 
I had filled the hood of my top with shaving foam and put it over my head. 

I then hid behind my father in laws car as a very disabled man walked past. He had an oversized, disfigured head and I didn't want him to see me. 

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