Friday, 7 March 2014

In search of the perfect sausage

To the tune of, 'Can you feel the force', the 1979 hit from The Real Thing. I was wandering around market stalls in a town centre. 
I'd seen an old re run of Top of the Pops the previous night which featured the group with big hair and flares. 

I was with my wife, the person I dream of more than any other, we were going to all the food stalls looking for the best sausage sandwich. 

Everytime I suggested some, my wife said they weren't good enough. 
Finally I reached a stall that I couldn't see clearly as the display table was higher than my head. 

I gripped the table and pulled myself up and could just see a few sandwiches in front of my eyes. A sales woman peered over and down at me and said, "What can I get you?"

Taking a leap of faith, I just asked for two sausage sandwiches and hoped that the filling was up to standard. 
I unfortunately woke before getting a chance to try them. 

Now what shall I have for breakfast? 

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