Monday, 3 March 2014

Fuzz ball

I was chasing a sheep through the streets of my home town. Every time I got close, it gave me the slip. It eventually got its neck caught up on a fence and I went in to grab it. 

Just as I took hold of it, the sheep bolted leaving the head behind and it continued running. The head then sprouted legs and started running around. 

I was now chasing a headless sheep and a head on legs. I shouted after the head, calling out, "Come here Fuzz Ball". I couldn't catch them. 

Lastly my mother in law was driving me around a town I didn't recognise. She was talking to me and I looked up and saw that cars were flashing their headlights and moving out of the way as they drove towards us. 

I saw the No Entry signs and that she had driven down a one way street the wrong way. 

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