Friday, 21 March 2014

Eminem onesie rap

I was at my mums house and an engineer arrived to resolve the poor wi if signal. The engineer was a young woman who was wearing my dressing gown. 

She walked around the house with her phone, telling me which rooms had the poorest signal. She went to enter the back bedroom but I stopped her. Looking into the room, my dad was asleep on the bed. 

I was next dressed in my tiger onesie, heading for the shopping centre to buy a McDonalds meal. I put my hood up, complete with ears, so that no one reconised me. 

After grabbing my food, I looked over at the seating area and saw Ed from work. He was dressed in an evening suit and bow tie. I ran so that he didn't see me. 

As I ran through the shopping centre it turned into hotel corridors. Ahead if me were holograms of Eminem. He was rapping about where the hospital was. 

I looked at the carpet and it had a tree like pattern which had shed real pods. These had started to sprout up as trees from the carpet and I had to dodge around them. 

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