Saturday, 15 March 2014

Elvis Versus Dracula

I was working in a big old house and a woman was showing myself, Jess and Suki around. 
She opened two huge double doors and announced, "This is the Elvis room". 

The room was at least 30 feet high and looked just like an Egyptian tome. There were massive statues and wall paintings, all of Elvis Presley. I wandered off and opened another door. 

Inside I saw about twenty people sat around a table having a meal. The only one person I recognised was Justin from work. I walked up some stairs and was confronted by Count Dracula. 

The next thing I knew, I had been tied up and put on top of a wardrobe by Dracula. He was yust about to bite my neck when a hail of machine gun fire blasted up through the floor from the room below. 

In rushed Suki and Jess to my rescue but it was too late as both Dracula and myself had vanished. All that was left in the room was a McDonalds happy meal. Both Suki and Jess quickly forgot about me and tucked into the food. 

Lastly just before my alarm rudely halted my sleep, I was in a room with a nurse who was looking after a dying man. The man said he wanted to go into the garden. 

The nurse kept saying to him to have a 'Little tinkle' whilst out there. I woke up to this point needing the toilet. 

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