Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The games up

I was firstly preparing for a camping trip with my father in law and he'd asked me to buy some petrol. I filled a couple of plastic containers from a petrol pump and was informed it cost £83. 

I didn't appear to have any cash and so I paid for the fuel using bottles of my own urine, which the attendant happily accepted. 

Next I had entered a shop and was chatting to the female shop assistant. I convinced her to walk with me, promising that I could transport her through time and space. 

Entering a building site and hiding out of site of everyone I told her that it would only work if she kissed me. She went for this and to my surprise we were suddenly in my mums back garden. 

Lastly I was watching an American police officer walking through the airport customs with a female and a white coloured Bulldog. 
The pair looked nervously around them as they walked out of the airport. 

Then, stepping off an elevator, was 1970's TV sleuth, Columbo. Dressed in his trademark brown Mac and smoking a cigar, he called out, "The games up". 

The cop ran along the crowded city street and was persued by more cops. He pulled out his gun but before he could take aim, he was shot down by a hail of bullets. 

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