Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nice wheels

I was at work with Kallum and as I'd been the last one in, the only vechile left was a Ford Tranist Connect. Kallum was laughing about it, I was a little upset at this and reversed it into a tree. 

As we drove around, we entered a factory where Kallum said his dad worked. He excitedly looked out for his dad but he wasn't there. 

We got out of the van at the bottom of a huge ladder. Kallum ran up it and stood at the top beckoning me up. I took a run and jump but all the runs of the ladder vanished as I did this. 

I fell to the floor and then felt a tap on my shoulder. It was David, my neighbours Son from when I was a child. David helped me to the top climbing with me. 

When I reached the top, I looked out over a football pitch with a game taking place. I couldn't get past the crowd and so stood and watched the game. 

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