Thursday, 6 February 2014

Naked Spitfire

I was at work and had been chosen by my supervisor Mike to help him with constructing an Airfix model of a World War II Spitfire plane. 

Sat with Mike all night painstakingly constructing the model, I was bored to tears. After an entire night, we had only put two sides together, but Mike was very happy. 

A work colleauge called Dave came in the next day and was laughing at the pitiful progress we had made. After chatting for a while we noticed Mike had gone missing. Our boss, Nick arrived and demanded to know where Mike had gone. 

We all three searched the building for him and finally entered the last room that we hadn't checked and found Mike corvorting with two female colleagues, all of them were naked. 

Nick went ballistic at him and instantly sacked him. Mike was very update at being caught but all he could say was, "Make sure you finish the Spitfire". 

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