Sunday, 2 February 2014

Million pound toilet

I was being shown around a building site by a man I didn't know. He wanted me to remove something from the toilets before work started in that area. 

We went into a basement and found the toilets which were in a mess. The man turned and said to me, "There's a lot of cash hidden in there, remove it all and you get a cut". 

I looked under a cubicle door and could see plastic rapped parcels. 
I pulled one out and it was full of cash. The man said it contained £100,000 and it was mine. Looking further up there were hundreds of parcels. 

I was finally in my garden and had fallen over and was laying face down. My wife turned up and ignoring the fact I was on the floor said that she off to see my nan. As she left she shouted back for me to look after the children. 

As we don't have any children I looked around confused. Even more so when I saw that we appeared to have two small black boys? 

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