Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Midget serial killer

I was walking along a street in my home town of Dagenham in Essex with Kallum from work. We were approached by a Smart car that contained a midget who was disabled and on a drip. With him was Piers Morgen. 

Piers told us we all had to go to Germany to take the midget to a specialist hospital. We arrived at the airport and Piers started to mock Kallums boy band style haircut. 

Reaching Germany, which happened without even flying on a plane, we walked through the airport directly into a hospital. There were beds everywhere and hospital staff going crazy. 

All the beds had severed body parts in them and I ran frantically between them not knowing what to do. A nurse started shouting at me in German but I had no idea what she was saying. 

I then felt a sharp pin prick in my hand and turned to see the disabled midget had taken his drip out and injected it into me. He gave an evil smile and said, "Your turn to die now". 

I realised that I instead of helping a sick person, I had been tricked into taking a serial killer midget to more victims. 

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