Thursday, 20 February 2014

Illiterate gamer

I was dreaming that I picked up a book and read it at super fast speed. Flicking through the pages like a human Johnny 5. Impressed by my new found talent, I started reading books by the dozen within minutes. 
I then still in my dream realised it was a dream and told myself I was illiterate. 

Next I was watching a man run around a street, his movements were a little robotic. I glanced down at my hands and I was holding a PS3 controller. I then was able to control the man. I made him walk up to another man and push him down a set of steps. 

Lastly I was in the office at work sat next to a supervisor called Mick. My phone rang and I handed it to him. He just ended the call and shook his head. 

It rang again and I was told there was a man with a knife running around in the street. I bolted down the stairs passing my friend Lee-Ann on the way. She smiled and said, "Beans". 

Reaching my van I noticed that someone else had blocked my drivers door by parking too close. I had to climb through the passenger side. As I got in the drivers seat, the car blocking my door pulled out. I banged my steering wheel and swore. 

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