Thursday, 13 February 2014

Giants and Killer cows

I found myself in Central London, I was a giant of a man, towering above everyone. 
At times it was as if I was walking around a model village, delicately stepping between tiny people. 

I stood on an escalator and as I descended, the person ahead of me didn't move and I got closer to them as the stairs moved. The man in front grew bigger as I neared him, eventually he was taller than me. He made me look like a miniature person. 

I stepped back into the street and I was my normal size again. I could hear George from work calling out, "Max where are you". I couldn't see him, I looked around and saw a street sign it said, Oxford Street. 

I made my way into a tower block which had a spiral staircase and I exited into the roof where I saw an old man wearing my dressing gown. He warned me about a herd of killer cows outside. 

Upon going outside I found my dog Humbug running around, infact there were lots of Humbugs, all jumping around excitedly.  I laughed as the man still shouted warnings not to approach the deadly killer cows. 

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