Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Full metal bucket

I was sat a very long bar in a busy pub. There was only one barman and he was flat out trying to serve everyone. 
I was just about to give up trying to get a drink when I was aware someone had sat on the stool next to me. 

They immediately got the attention of the barman who came over and asked what he would like. 
I instantly recognised the voice as my dad. I excitedly turned to see his smiling face. He winked at me. I was very happy. 

I was next walking towards a hotel to stay there. I was carrying two metal buckets and two metal watering cans. They were hard to carry and negotiate through doors. 

The hotel owner showed me to my room and I clattered and bashed my way along the corridors to the room. 
As I was shown around the accommodation I still continued to bash the metal containers against everything. 

It wasn't until I tried to put them down onto the bed that I realised they were fused to my body and were my hands! 

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