Friday, 14 February 2014

Family gathering

Along with my wife we were in my car driving along a street. As I passed a junction I noticed a car sitting waiting to turn out. When I looked at the driver it was my great aunt and my nan in the passenger seat. 

I stopped and excitedly started to wave at them. They both looked how they did over 30 years ago and when they saw me waving, they smiled and waved back. 

Standing on the corner next to the car was my cousin David and my dad. We both jumped out of the car and ran over to my dad. My wife never met my dad as he had passed away before we met. So I was so happy that they could meet. 

My dad hugged my wife and laughed and beemed a huge smile. He then started to fade, his skin turned grey and he physically began to vanish before us. He stopped smiling and I knew I was dreaming. The whole scene started to disappear and I woke from my sleep feeling saddened. 

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