Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fake death

I was laying explosive charges by fixing them to a large blanket. I some how glued them to all four corners, placed the blanket over my head and waited for it to explode. 

My plan was to fake my own death but the reason I was attempting this was unclear. After sitting under the blanket for ages with nothing happening, I gave up. 

I was next in a dark building, none of the lights were working and I fumbled my way around. My eyes adjusted after a while and a man was suddenly standing in front of me. 

Startled by his presence I expertly took him to the floor in an arm lock. I held him there and I heard a voice in my ear tell me I was breaking his arm. I eased off a bit. But there was no one else around. 

I then switched from my position of holding the man, to pushing him out of the building in a wheelchair. My wife was walking next to me. 

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