Monday, 3 February 2014

Alien gas attack

Walking along a high street, I was suddenly aware of a chemical gas attack. I ran immediately into a branch of Barclays Bank and shut the door. 

I shouted to the staff to close all doors and windows and reverse the air conditioning to extract the air out. We then stood and watched as everyone else in the street died. 

I knew we couldn't go outside for a while so to entertain myself I played a penny push slot machine that took up an entire wall. I then went into a back office and found a baby. 

I placed the baby into a draw and then walked out into the street. Stepping over hundreds of dead bodies I saw a car with people moving inside it. In the front seat was Naomi from work. She was laying with her legs over the head rest upside down. 

Wondering why she had lived through the gas attack I prodded her leg to see if she was real. Her skin immediately burnt my finger and she started laughing. 
Looking around me I saw other people walking towards my direction. 

They were all zombie like and were trying to touch me to burn my skin. I started running and woke up before I was caught. 

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