Thursday, 23 January 2014

You win again doctor

It was a Saturday and I'd parked my artic lorry outside the emergency doctors surgery. I was feeling hot and my hands had pins and needles in them. 

I waited in line to be seen by the doctor and we each buttered a slice of bread to give to the doctor when it was our turn. 
When I reached him, the next person in line was standing right next to me and could everything I said. 

I told the doctor about feeling hot and the tingling in my hands. He was concerned and told me I'd have to stay in hospital to be treated. As I was informed of this I could hear, 'You win again' by Hot Chocolate playing. 

I woke at this point feeling hot and I had pins and needles in my hands. A condition known as Carpal tunnel syndrome which I suffer from. 

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