Sunday, 12 January 2014

Weddings, death and toast

I began the evening by being at a wedding. Friend and work colleague, Garath was presiding as the best man. 
He entered the room with a small piece of paper and approached the groom. 

He confidently spoke but I was too far away to hear. Whatever he said sent the room into hysterical laughter and Garath then moved over to the grooms father. Another small speach had the same affect with everyone crying with laughter. 

Next I was waiting for a recovery truck to arrive to remove a broken down car. The truck arrived and the driver handed me a card which I thought was paperwork relating to the recovery. When I examined it, it was a cleverly hand drawn 3D Christmas card. 

I thanked the driver and as an after thought, mentioned there was a dead man on the back seat of the car. 
The driver started to hook up the car but then drove off leaving the car and deceased man behind. 
Next I'm at work with Ghost and we are in a house but the occupants are not in. For an unknown reason I decide to make them some toast to take to them. 
I pop four slices of bread under the grill and wait for them to brown. 

I then find myself back at our work base and in a panic shout to Ghost I left the toast under the grill. Ghost shrugged his shoulders not even caring. I run back to the house just as an old couple arrive home. 

I inform them of the situation but they don't seem concerned but instead unload some goats from a pickup truck. 
I run in the house and extinguish the fire under the grill. 

Opening windows I notice lots of animals outside and excitedly go to see them. The couple place the goats into the field along with the array of other animals. 
As they do this, all the animals start to become merged and form weird mutant beasts. 

Chickens with cows heads, pigs with long fur and floppy ears all run around the field and I stare in bemusement at the spectical before my eyes. 

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