Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Saving a Hero

I appeared to be on some kind of movie set and involved in an action adventure film. It was full of elaborate explosions, burning buildings and I lept from a falling tower. 

As I landed I grabbed a metal pole and started smashing bad guys, swatting them like flies. 
Ahead of me I saw Justin from work, who I affectionately refer to as Hero. He was fighting bad guys too but a female assassin had a sword to his neck from behind. 

I withdrew my sword and dashed over to them. The female told me one false move and Hero was dead. Justin looked at me and said, "Do it Maximus". 

Like a shot I ran her through the neck with my sword dropping her to the floor. 
Justin winked, picked up his sword and carried on fighting. 

I was later sat in a room on a chair when Justin and a few others came in high on victory from the battle. 
I couldn't move and Justin approached me and found that I had been stabbed just above the heart and was bleeding. 
Justin said, "Thank you Maximus". 

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