Saturday, 4 January 2014

Potato animals

The first half of my dreaming last night consisted of a large museum where I was visiting. Looking around, there were many stone slabs with strange writing on them. 

A woman approached me and offered to give me a guided tour. I accepted her kind offer. She then scooped me in her arms and started flying through the air. 
As we passed all the stone slabs she started reading them, translating them from Latin. 

The second half of my dream involved my wife. She was asking me what I was doing but I was telling her not to approach me. She kept questioning me why I wouldn't let her see what I was doing. 

She then just walked up to me and stared in bemusement. 
I had hundreds of potatoes that I had carved into different animals. My wife's look of bemusement changed to horror as I started to cut the heads off the animals. 

She shouted to stop and I explained that I was making the dinner. She seemed happy with this explanation. 

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