Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Old man in a box

I was at a train station on the bridge that goes over the track watching the world go by. A freight train slowly went through which had two men on it throwing heavy boxes onto the platform. 

I looked below me and there was a massive cardboard box that I could see into as the top was open. Sat in the corner of the box was a sad looking old man. 

My wife then came along the platform carrying a stack of greenhouse glass. She lifted them above her head to drop them into the cardboard box. 
I shouted "Old man", as the glass dropped onto his head they turned into pillows. 

I then started to laugh uncontrollably, tears ran down my face and I couldn't stop. I woke up at this point actually laughing. 

Lastly I was selling my car to a school janitor and I knocked on the door and my work colleauge Ann opened the door. I asked her to fetch the janitor and she just looked at me as if I was asking her to jump off a cliff. 

She came back shortly after leading a black horse and handed the reins to me. I stared at her in bemusement and then the horse turned into a man. 

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