Friday, 10 January 2014

Naked visitor

I was at home with my wife and for some reason our friend Siobhan was standing in the living room doing all our ironing. 

There was a knock at the front door and both my wife and Siobhan gave me a look that said 'get that'. I opened the front door and was met with a very attractive and very naked woman. 

As I took in the sight before me, the woman fainted and I caught her before she hit the floor. 
I walked into the living room with the woman in both arms, dropped her on my wife's lap and said, "I found this". 

I was next at my mums house and looking out of the living room window into the front garden. There was a round hole dug in the grass. 

I then saw a woman I didn't know approaching the house. She stepped straight down the hole and vanished. 
Somehow I knew she was dead. 

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