Friday, 3 January 2014

MI5 and magic rollerblades

I began a full nights dreaming by receiving counselling for mental health problems. At least I'm sure it was a dream. 
I had become upset during the session and my work colleague Sarah took me out of the room to comfort me. 

She led me into a hall and we sat at a table along with some other females. Instead of talking to me Sarah watched as the females got up and started reharsing a dance routine. 
When I looked at Sarah she had turned into Cheryl Cole and the other females were the rest of Girls Aloud. 

Next I was following my wife as we broke into the headquarters of MI5. She expertly picked the lock and we crept around avoiding the security gaurds. 
Up on the first floor we passed through a long corridor that had old paintings hung on the walls. They were either half finished or in broken frames. 

We peered around a door to see three MI5 agents asleep. They were all identical, wearing black clothing with mirror sunglasses. We took them by surprise and handcuffed them all before they knew what had happened. 

Suddenly water started to rise from the floor and I was running as floods of water started to fill the room. My wife managed to escape but I was stuck running through the building to avoid drowning. 

I reached a dead end and looked back as a huge wave approached me. At my feet on the floor was a pair of roller blades, I picked them up and they flashed flourescant blue. I put them on and was able to skate up the wall and out through the roof escaping the oncoming water. 

Lastly I was in a garden cutting back trees and bushes. I stood on a tree branch but it gave way and snapped. Where the branch had broken, water shot out like a broken water pipe. 

I then saw Tom from work, he was looking for two people that had committed a crime and was shouting out for them. He then decided that the best way to apprehend them was to put an advert on the radio. 

I switched on a radio and heard Tom shouting out their names telling them to give themselves up. It didn't work!

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