Friday, 17 January 2014

Indian East end attack

Another dream where my brain was frantically attempting to wake me up to go to the toilet. 
This time it was set in a small corner shop run by an Indian family. 

I entered the shop and asked to use the toilet and a man pointed to the first floor. I could see the door to the toilet but couldn't work out how the get up there. 

There was a very high stack of chairs which I looked at and decided I could climb to access the upstairs. As I started to climb, two men started throwing chairs at me from above. 

As this happened the entire four walls of the shop, which had now turned into a library with books floor to ceiling, collapsed. The two men an hundreds of books piled up on top of me. 

I could then hear the theme tune to Eastenders and as I popped my head out from under the books, I saw my nan. She was watching TV in the corner of the room. I also noticed the toilet was now downstairs and I used it to great relief. 

My aunt Joansie then appeared and went outside and got into a red Royal Mail van. As I walked over towards her I still felt the need to go to the toilet.
Joansie said to me, "You still need to go to the toilet".  I woke from my dream in desperate need of a pee! 

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