Thursday, 16 January 2014

Drugs raid

I was part of an organised team cracking down on drug dealers. A detailed and carefully planned raid on several council estate houses was planned. 

One after the other we smashed down front doors to take the dealers by surprise and prevent them disposing of the drugs. But every time we entered a house, the occupants were calmly sitting as if they expected us. 

No drugs were found and this happened in every house. The guy in charge of the raids was very frustrated. 
The last house we entered was the same and as we left the woman living there winked at me and said, "Thanks for the tip off Maximus"! 

I was next outside my old house when a black taxi drove slowly past and hit my car. It pushed it along the street and into another black taxi. The Asian driver got out and starred to walk away. 

I chased him and asked him for his details as I was going to report it to my insurance company. The man was pretending that he forgot his address. 
My wife appeared and quoted the exact wording relating to the law on providing details after an accident. 

The man then agreed to provide them but wrote them down on a flattened runner bean. His scribble made no sense but I seemed happy with it and left. 

Lastly I was in a room with my wife and work supervisor Jimbo. I was watching a huge TV and was channel hoping. My wife told Jimbo that she had heard that his ex wife was coming to work with us soon. 

Jimbo then became very grumpy and turned the TV off and started to push a chest freezer around the room. He placed it over a stain on the carpet. When he placed it there, the exact same stain appeared from the carpet on the lid of the freezer. 

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