Monday, 13 January 2014

Dribbler and and jets

An odd mix last night, starting off with a small boy crying hysterically. 
I was trying to talk to the boy but he kept looking around wide eyed at the surroundings. I grabbed hold of his shoulders and shook him shouting at him to concentrate. 

He just cried more and his nose and mouth started to dribble, it was very unpleasant. In the end I let go of him as I was getting covered in dribble. 

I was next on a train carriage and I had hung my blue rucksack at one end on the connecting door but sat at the other end of the carriage. 

As the train moved along I could hear music. It was the 1974 song called 'Bennie and the jets', by Elton John. 

An announcer came over the tannoy saying that we had reached our destination and it was 12.15. 
I stood at the exit door and as it opened I looked up and saw my rucksack at the other end of the carriage. 

I ran to grab it and jumped off the train just before the doors closed. I then woke up. 


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