Sunday, 19 January 2014

Double date

I was with a friend but I couldn't see him, it was like when you are walking next to someone without looking at them. I didn't know who it was, just that they were my friend. 

He was on a blind date and we had to meet her on the hill outside Becontree underground station. Part way up the hill is a set of steps that go onto the estate. We stood across the road to these steps outside a building society. 

As we waited it became apparent to me that I was going to be in the way as only my friend was on the date. 
I asked him if he knew what his date looked like and he showed me a video on his phone. 

The video showed a group of women singing, 'Sunshine on a rainy day'. He told me she was one of the women but didn't kniw which one. I just replied, "Nice one mate". 

The song, was released in 1990 by British singer Zoe. 

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