Thursday, 2 January 2014

DIY church

Along with my wife we were at the site of an abandoned church that had fallen into disrepair. Inches from it a huge oak tree had fallen only just missing the old building. 
We were discussing renovating it had to climb the fallen tree to gain access. 
Once inside we found that water was pouring in through the roof and that vandals had ripped everything of value out. 

Deciding that it was far too big a project we went home and as my wife was drying her hair in the bedroom I went to see our guinea pigs. When I looked in their hutch the warm air from my wife's hair dryer was blowing in my face. 

I went into the bedroom and sent her to the other room while I turned on the hair dryer. As I did this Andy from work came in the room, laid on the bed and said, "I'm going to get the sack because I stole a phone"

I switched off the hair dryer as my wife came back in the room and she shouted, "How weird is that!" 

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