Saturday, 11 January 2014


A clear case of real life influencing my dreaming last night. 
I got up at 4am to have a tinkle and let the dog out too. When I was standing half asleep in the cold garden, my dog barked at a noise which seemed to come from a neighbours house. 

Back in bed I fell to sleep and started dreaming. I was in the garden again and investigating the source of the noise. I climbed through a bush that led into the next door neighbours garden. 

Here I found an old French man who was walking around in a small circle sniffing at the air. I called out to him but he totally ignored me. 
I then heard a sound from the house and opened the door and saw a man laying on the floor and the house was a mess. 

I shouted out, "Burglers! Come on you f**ckers!"  Unfortunately I shouted this out in my sleep waking my wife and dog in the process. Oops. 

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