Friday, 24 January 2014

Baby love

I had turned up at the house of my ex wife and just let myself in. There was no one there and I wandered around looking in all the rooms. 

The telephone to the house started to ring so I picked up the receiver and it was my ex wife. She started to go mental at me shouting, "What are you doing in my house!"  I just replied, "It's my house now bitch." 

I sat on the sofa and made myself comfortable when my friend Mary came in the room with her baby. She handed me her baby and I sat her on my knee and she immediately vomited. 

The vomit was a bright yellow and went everywhere. Totally unimpressed by this I attempted to wipe up the sick using the baby's dress. 
Mary was not happy at this and started shouting at me. 

Thinking I'd possibly outstayed my welcome I decided to leave. I left the baby on the sofa with Mary still shouting at me and walked into the kitchen. Instead of the kitchen I found I was in the attic and I hit my head on a beam.  

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