Saturday, 18 January 2014

Baby Brian and Claire the privet

I was driving along the road and an accident ahead of me was blocking the way. I'd got out to investigate and found that a man had died of a heart attack and his wife who was driving their car at the time was in shock. 

The woman was massively obese and was still sat in the drivers seat. In the back was a child seat containung a small baby. I got into the passenger seat to comfort the woman and as I did she started to climb out. 

I got out also but as I did the weight of the woman tipped the car onto its side and it crushed her head on the road killing her instantly. Feeling a little responsible I took the baby out and decided I'd find it a new family. 

The baby to my surprise could walk and talk and told me he's name was Brian. As we walked away, Brian told me he was very grateful for my help and that I was a good person. 

I arrived at my mums house in the back garden and it was as it had been when I was a child. There used to be a seven foot privet hedge that had an archway cut in the middle of it where the path passed through it. 

As baby Brian and myself approached the privet, it moved and the face of my cousin Claire appeared, she was the privet. Claire told me that she had been having dreams about a man and asked if that meant she had to marry him. 

I then entered the house and went through vast corridors and about twenty doors to end up back in the garden again. Every time I went back in the same thing happened each time. 


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