Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ant and Dec's fried egg hoax

I appeared to be time travelling again last night, I'd walked into a room where everyone had 1970's bad hair and clothes but it was actually just how everyone dressed normally. 

This sparked an idea and I attempted to convince everyone I met that I was indeed from the future, telling them to keep it to themselves. I was in a field and told a woman that the two horses in there were also from the future and I had brought them there. 

Continuing with my hoax in a house I whispered to a woman my secret and she looked at me oddly. It's then I realised I had transformed into Deirdre Barlow from Coronation street. 

Lastly TV presenters Ant and Dec turned up and said they would help me continue to fool everyone into my time traveling hoax. 
They told me to watch a fried egg that they were frying in a pan. I stared at it intently. 

They then told me to pour cold water on the egg to stop it cooking, then to start cooking it again. All of which I did. 
It wasn't until I looked over at the pair, that I saw them laughing at me. Idiots! 

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