Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pyramid food

Once again this week Lorriane from work appears in my dream. This time we were at work and I was attempting to get in by pushing the buzzer but was being ignored. 

I was just about to give up when the door opened and out stepped Lorraine. She shut the door behind her leaving us both unable to get in. 
She then went on about how little work she had done and that she didn't care. 

Next I'm at my mums house but it is extremely old and had stone walks like an old castle. I went into the kitchen and prepared a plate of vegetables. I took baby sweet corn and carrots and arranged them in a huge pyramid like a well known chocolate advert. 

I then walked upstairs and found my older sister arranging her clothes into a wardrobe. I placed the plate of veg into one of the shelves and knocked all of her neatly folded clothes into the floor. 
She didn't look impressed. 

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