Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I was on my way to hospital walking towards the entrance when a horse trotted past me. 
It seemed to be lame and when I looked at its legs, one of them was tied in a knot. Exactly like a piece of string. 

I nexted moved from being outside the hospital to laying on an operating table. I was unable to speak or move but could see all the staff standing around me. 

They were deciding who wanted to take which part of my body as they were going to cut me up into sections!

Lastly I was holding the hand of a small black boy whilst walking up some steps. A group of men walked past us and one of them knocked the boy to the floor. 

I called out to him as he walked off and he stopped and approached us. It was Bimmo from work. He said he was sorry and asked me if I wanted to punch him in the stomach. I declined his offer. 

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