Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Never ending universe

I started off by being sat in my car in a car wash. There was no roof on my car and the car wash wasn't operating. 
As I sat there thinking that I was about to get very wet a young lad with what looked like a false beard appeared. 

The lad started to give me attitude and I sat there hoping the water would come on and drench him but it didn't. 

I was next watching a documentary on TV. Two men had killed a lot of animals and removed various parts of them and were wearing them. They had badger ears stuck on their heads and were sewing tails to their bottoms. It was very disturbing. 

Lastly I was sat on the moon and looking out at the vast universe before me. The stars and planets were incredible to see. 
I was aware that I was in bed asleep and that I was in a dream. I decided to try and wake myself up by jumping into space. 

I dangled my legs over the edge of the moon and looked at the vast blackness before me. The thought went through my mind, 'What if I'm not dreaming?' 

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