Monday, 16 December 2013


I was struggling carrying a huge tree that was at least twenty feet high. I was in a garden at night and I was carefully stepping around a swimming pool. The tree was in a pot that was the size of an egg cup. 

A door opened to an outbuilding and Lorraine from work appeared. She told me to put the tree in the outbuilding. As I struggled to get through the door she started laughing as I hit the door frame like a dog with a big stick. Time and time again I kept falling backwards as the tree hit the door frame and Lorraine continued laughing at me. 

Lastly I was upstairs in my bedroom and my wife was sat up in bed. I was on the phone to my mobile service provider asking about my account fees. 

I looked down into the garden and saw my dog chasing one of our cats. Alarmed because the cats don't go out and worried that my wife would freak out, I calmly walked downstairs whilst continuing my chat on the phone. 

I opened the back door and called them both in. When I got back to the bedroom I told my wife not to freak and that the cat had got out but was now in. 
She had some kind of reverse reaction and instead of freaking she laughed hysterically. 

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